Virgin Valley Opals-Black Rock Desert, NV

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Royal Peacock Mining Co:Nice find

Opal Queen Mining Co:

Bonanza Opal Mines Inc:

Rainbow Ridge Opal, Inc: 

America's Opal

American Opal Society:

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology: 

Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge:

40 Common Minerals (Thanks, Nick!)

Guide to Diamonds, Rocks and Minerals (Thanks, Kendal!)

Home Hobbies: Rock Collecting (Thanks to Ms. Ashford's class!)

Guide to Geos (Thanks, Megan!)

Free Gemology Courses (Thanks, Paul!)

A Visual Representation of Mohs Hardness Scale (Thanks, Piper!)

Home Rock Collecting Guide (Thanks, Denise!)

Rock Collecting and Geology Basics (Thanks, Olivia!)

STEM Fans Science, Technology, Engineering, Math for kids. (Thanks Olivia!)

All About Rocks and Rock Collecting (Thanks, Sarah & Wyoming STEM Club for Girls!)

The Story of Silver in the United States (Thanks, Penny!)

STEM Identity Resources for Women and Girls (Thanks, Taylor!)

A Kids Guide to Identifying Popular Gemstones Used in Jewelry (Thanks, Rachel!)

Panoramic Views:
Thanks to Ron Morgan for contributing these fantastic 360 views of Virgin Valley sites:

Campgrounds/ Hot Spring

Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine

The following is a partial list of publications which have featured articles about Virgin Valley Opals:

Rock and Gem Magazine 2/95, 10/92,

Lapidary Journal 6/96, 6/89, 6/94, 8/56, 3/71

Rocks and Minerals Magazine 10/77, 10/77, 8/69, 11/65,\

American Gem Trails, by Richard M. Pearl. Copyright 1964, McGraw Hill Book Co., NY

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