World's Worst Website

Look Here! Here's some other examples of poor website design: 

The website could use a makeover too:

Obnoxious background and hard to read font style: 

Unorganized list of links, hard to read too.

Love the background! 

Ugly is an international language:

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Web Pages that Suck

Website Design Tips

ECommerce Web Design

250 Quick Web Design Tips

Look Here! Here's some HTML references:

HTML & XHTML Tag Quick Reference (.pdf)

HTML Reference Sheet (.pdf)

Wikibooks Hypertext Markup Language (.pdf)

HTML5 Cheat Sheet (.png)

HTML Basics (.pdf)

HTML Tag Quick Reference (.pdf)

Look Here! Here's some website templates and graphics:

Open Source Website Templates:  

Creative Commons Images:

Look Here! Here's some helpful resources from Amazon:

Website Design Books

Website Design Software

Look Here! And finally, here's a shameless plug:

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