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Chapter 11hapter 11: Told to measure God's temple and alter and count those who worship there. Exclude the outer court for it has been handed over to the Gentiles who will crush the holy city for forty two months. Commission two witnesses to prophesy for those twelve hundred and sixty days, dressed in sackcloth. Fire comes out of the mouth of the witnesses to any one who tries to harm them. They have the power to close up the sky and not allow any rain to fall during that time.  Also can turn water into blood and afflict earth with any kind of plague. When finished a wild beast comes up from abyss and wages war against them. Their corpses will lie in the street of the city where their lord was crucified for three days. People all over the world will celebrate and stare at their corpses for three days and refuse to bury them. After three and a half days witnesses rise. It terrifies all who see them. God assumes them into heaven on cloud. Suddenly, there is a violent earthquake. One tenth of the city is destroyed. Seven thousand people are killed, the rest repent. Second woe is passed. Third to come. 7th Trumpet: Loud voices call out that the kingdom of the world now belongs to the Lord. God opens the temple in heaven and can be seen the Arc of the Covenant. Lightning flashes, thunder, earthquake, hailstorm.

Chapter 8: The 4th Trumpet - The Cloisters Apocalypse: early 14th century manuscript- Click for larger imageChapter 12: A great sign appears in sky, a women clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of seven stars. She is with child. Gives birth. Another sign, a great dragon, flaming red, with seven heads and ten horns. On his head, seven diadems. His tail swept a third of the stars from the sky and hurled them down on the earth. He waits for child to be born so he can devour it. The child is born. It is a son, destined to shepherd all nations with an iron rod. The Child is taken up to God and the throne. The woman flees to the desert to special place prepared for her for twelve hundred and sixty days. War breaks out in heaven. Michael and his angels battle with the Dragon. The Dragon is hurled down to Earth with his minions with him. The Dragon pursues woman in the desert. She is given wings of a giant eagle where she can fly to her place in the desert for three and a half years. The Dragon spews a torrent of water to search out the woman, but the earth opens and swallows the water. Enraged by her escape, the dragon goes out to make war on the rest of God's people. He took up his position by the shores of the sea.

Chapter 13: A Beast comes out of the sea. It has ten horns, seven heads containing diadems and blasphemous names. Like a leopard, but paws like a bear and mouth like a lion. It is given power, throne and authority by the Dragon. One head was mortally wounded and healed. In wonderment, the whole world followed after the Beast. People worshipped Beast and Dragon. Their authority to last only forty two months. Granted authority over all people, nation and race. Worshipped by all those who do not have their names in book of life.

Let him who has ears heed these words: If one is destined for captivity, into captivity he goes! If one is destined to be slain by the sword, by the sword he will be slain! Such is the faithful endurance that distinguishes God's holy people. A Second Beast comes up out of the Earth. It used the authority of the first Beast to promote its interests by making the world worship the first beast whose mortal wound had been healed. Performs great miracles, leads astray Earth's inhabitants by telling them to make an idol of first Beast. Life is given to the image of the Beast, and the power of speech and the ability to put to death anyone who refuses to worship it. Forces all men, rich and poor to accept a stamped image on right hand or forehead. No one allowed to buy or sell  anything unless first marked with the name of the beast or the number that stood for it's name. A certain wisdom is needed here; with a little ingenuity anyone can calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a certain man. The man's number is six hundred sixty six.

Chapter 8: The Third Trumpet - 'Wormwood'-The Cloisters Apocalypse- Early 14th century manuscript-Click for larger imageChapter 14: The Lamb appears  with the 144.000 faithful.  Angels warn against accepting the mark of the beast. The Son of Man appears with sickle and harvests the Earth. He harvests the grapes of God's wrath. They are taken to a wine press outside of the city. So much blood pours out that for two hundred miles, it is as deep as a horse's bridle.

Chapter 15: Seven angels holding seven final plagues that would bring God's wrath to a climax. Given seven bowls containing God's wrath.

Chapter 16: The Angels are told to go pour out bowls of God's wrath on the Earth. 1st Bowl: Boils on men who accepted the mark of the beast. 2nd Bowl: The sea turned to blood like a corpse. All sea creatures die. 3rd Bowl: Rivers and springs turn to blood. 4th Bowl: Burned men with fire. They do not repent. 5th Bowl: Plunged into darkness. 6th Bowl: Poured out on the great river Euphrates. It's water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the East. Three unclean spirits come from the mouth of Dragon, Beast and False Prophet. They perform miracles, and assemble the kings of the Earth for battle. Be on your guard! I come like a thief. Happy is the man who stays wide awake and prepared.

Devils assemble the kings in a place in Hebrew called Armageddon. 7th Bowl: Loud voice says, "It is finished."  Suddenly, the worst earthquake ever. The Great City is split into three parts. Other Gentile cities also fall. God remembers Babylon the great, giving her cup of His blazing wrath. Islands, mountains disappear. Giant hailstones fall.

Chapter 17: Babylon as harlot on a scarlet beast.  I will explain to you the symbolism of the woman and of the seven headed and ten horned beast carrying her. The beast you saw existed once but now exists no longer. It will come up from the abyss once more before going to final ruin. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits enthroned. They are also seven kings. Five have already fallen, one lives now and the last has not yet come, but when he does come he will remain only a short while. The beast which existed once but now exists no longer even though it is an eighth king, is really one of the seven and on his way to ruin. Ten horns represent ten kings which have not yet been crowned. They will bestow their power on the beast and fight against the lamb. The ten kings will turn against her and destroy her.

Chapter 20: 'The Last Judgement' by Michaelangelo - 1535-1541-Sistine Chapel-Click for larger imageChapter 18: Another angel comes to Earth, Calls out: "Fallen is Babylon the great." Kings lament. Merchants lament. Sailors lament. Saints, apostles, prophets rejoice.

Chapter 19: There is loud singing of victory from Heaven. John falls at feet of a great angel. He is told to get up, worship God alone. Heaven opened up, a rider on a white horse emerged, his name was "The Faithful And True" Justice is his standard. His eyes are like fire. The armies of Heaven are behind him. The armies do battle with the Beast. The Beast is captured, along with the False Prophet. They are hurled down into the fiery pool.

Chapter 20: An Angel comes down with a huge chain. It seizes dragon and chains him up for a thousand years. He is thrown down into abyss and held for a thousand years, after which he is to be released for a short time. John saw the spirits of those who had been martyred for Jesus or had not received the mark of the beast. They reign with God for a thousand years. This is the First Resurrection. After one thousand years, Satan will be released. He will seduce all nations of the earth for battle and muster troops of Gog and Magog. He invaded the country and surrounded the holy city where God's people were encamped. Fire comes down from Heaven and devours them. The Devil is thrown into a pool of burning sulfur. All living and dead are judged.

Chapter 21: New Heaven and Earth. Jerusalem as the bride of the Lamb. No more tears, pain or mourning.

Chapter 22: City of God. Trees bear fruit 12 times a year. God shall give them light and they shall reign forever.

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