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PortalView delivers real-time wallpaper, on your Linux based desktop, from thousands of webcams and weather sites worldwide. Launch this simple Python program on the boot or with a click and watch the sun set over the Mediterranean or Old Faithful erupt in Yellowstone Park.

Automatic updating allows you to monitor your local webcam or road conditions without keeping a resource-hungry browser open. Doppler and Satellite maps keep you informed of approaching weather. World Sunlight maps (Earthlights) include rectangular, hemispheric and moon phase views.

Includes scores of international webcams and weather maps to start with, then customize with your favorites. Supports .jpg, .gif and .png image formats.

This software was written for Python 2 and with recent upgrades to Python 3, this live wallpaper program may have stopped working for you. I am not sure whether I will be upgrading it anytime soon.

I replaced most of the functionality with wget using a simple cron job, like this:.

*/15 * * * * wget https://webcam-location.com/image.jpg -O /home/myfolder/Pictures/current.jpg

Edit the webcam url and your folder name. If your webcam uses gif or png images, change the file type as necessary.
This will update every 15 minutes.

Its not as fast PortalView, but my live desktop is back. If you are missing yours, try this.

Real Time Wallpaper Worldwide webcams Doppler & Satellite Images

Earthlights Weather sites

Download NowDownload PortalView v1.63.1:

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