Gimp Filters and Effects

A simple and visual guide to
 commonly used Gimp Filters 
v. 2.8

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GIMP is a free, open source image editing program. You can get it here.

All filters are applied to the original image using the filter's default settings, unless otherwise indicated: (variable*)

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Original Image Blur / Blur
Simple blur, fast but not very strong
Blur / Gaussian Blur
Simplest, most commonly used way of blurring
Blur / Motion Blur
Simulate movement by using directional blur
Blur / Pixelize
Simplify image into an array of solid squares
Selective Gaussian Blur
Blur neighboring pixels in low contrast areas
Blur / Tileable Blur
Blur edges so result tiles seamlessly
Enhance / Anti-Alias
Anti alias using the Scale 3X Edge Extrapolation Algorithm
Enhance / Deinterlace
Fix images where every other row is missing
Enhance / Despeckle
Remove speckle noise from the image
Enhance / Destripe
Remove vertical stripe artifacts from the image
Enhance / Red Eye Removal
Remove red eyes caused by camera flashes
Enhance / Sharpen
Make images sharper
Enhance / Unsharp Mask
The most popular method of sharpening
Distorts / Apply Lens
Simulate an elliptical lens over the image
Distorts / Blinds
Simulate an image painted on window blinds
Distorts / Curve Bend
Bend the image using two control curves
Distorts / Emboss (bumpmap*)
Simulate an image created by embossing
Distorts / Engrave (add alpha channel*)
Simulate an antique engraving
Distorts / Erase Every Other Row
Erase every other row or column
Distorts / IWarp (X*)
Use mouse control to warp image areas
Distorts / Lens Distortion (-78.000*)
Corrects or adds lens distortion
Distorts / Mosiac
Convert the image into irregular tiles
Distorts / Newsprint
Half tone the image to simulate newsprint
Distorts / Page Curl
Curl up one of the image corners
Distorts / Polar Coordinates
Convert an image using polar coordinates
Distorts / Ripple
Displace pixels in a ripple pattern
Distorts / Shift
Shift each row of pixels by a random amount
Distorts / Value Propagate
Spread certain colors into neighboring pixels
Distorts / Video
Simulate a fuzzy or low resolution monitor
Distort / Waves
Distort the image with waves
Distorts / Whirl and Pinch
Distort an image by whirling and pinching
Distorts / Wind
Smear image to give windblown effect
Light and Shadow
Light and Shadow / Gradient Flare
Produce a lens flare using gradients
Light and Shadow / Lens Flare
Add a lens flare effect
Light and Shadow / Lighting Effects
Apply a variety of lighting effects
Light and Shadow / Sparkle
Turn bright spots into starry sparkles
Light and Shadow / Supernova
Add a starburst to an image
Light and Shadow / Drop Shadow
Add a drop shadow to an image or region
Light and Shadow / Perspective
Add a perspective shadow to a selected region
Light and Shadow / Xach-Effect
Add a subtle, translucent 3D effect
Noise / HSV Noise
Randomize hue, saturation, values
Noise / Hurl
Completely randomize a fraction of pixels
Noise / Pick (50 / 11*)
Randomly interchange some pixels
Noise / RGB Noise
Distorts color by random amounts
Noise / Slur (50 / 10*)
Randomly slide some pixels downward (melt)
Noise / Spread
Move pixels around randomly

Edge Detect:

Edge Detect / Dif of Gaussians
Edge detection with control of edge thickness
Edge Detect / Edge
Several simple methods for detecting edges
Edge Detection / Laplace
High resolutioin edge detection
Edge Detect / Neon
Simulate the glowing boundary of a neon light
Edge Detect / Sobel
Specialized directional edge detection
Generic / Convulution Matrix (11*)
Apply a generic 5x5 matrix
Generic / Dialate
Grow lighter areas of the image
Generic / Erode
Shrink lighter areas of the image
Combine / Depth Merge
Combine two images using depth maps
Combine / Film Strip
Combine several imaes into a film strip
Artistic / Apply Canvas
Apply a canvas like texture to an image
Artistic / Cartoon
Simulate a cartoon by enhansing edges
Artistic / Clothify
Add a cloth like texture to an image
Artistic / Cubism
Convert the image to randomly rotated squares
Artistic / GIMPressionist
Apply a variety of artistic operations
Artistic / Glass Tile
Simulate distortions of square glass tiles
Artistic / Oilify
Smear colors to simulate an oil painting
Artistic / Photo Copy
Simulate the distortions caused by a photo copy
Artistic / Predator
Add a 'Predator' effect
Artistic / Soft Glow
Simulate a glow by making highlights softer
Artistic / Van Gogh
Special effects that no one understands
Artistic / Weave
Create a weave effect
Decor / Add Bevel
Add a beveled border to an image
Decor / Add Border
Add a border around an image
Decor / Coffee Stain
Add a realistic coffee stain to an image
Decor / Fuzzy Border
Add a jagged  fuzzy border to an image
Decor / Old Photo
Make an image look like an old photo
Decor / Round Corners
Round corners, add a drop shadow
Decor / Slide
Add slide frames, labels and holes
Decor / Stencil Carve (grayscale*)
Create a stencil to carve from an image
Decor / Stencil Chrome (grayscale*)
Add a chrome effect to the image
Map / Bump Map
Create an embossing effect using a bumpmap
Map / Displace
Displace pixels using displacement map
Map / Fractal Trace
Transform the image using fractals
Map / Illusion
Superimpose many altered copies of the image
Map / Make Seamless
Alter the image to make it seamlessly tileable
Map / Map Object
Map the image to an object
Map / Paper Tile
Cut the paper into tiles and slide them
Map / Small Tiles
Cut the image into tiles and slide them
Map / Tiles
Create an array of copies of the image
Map / Warp
Smear and twist the image in many ways
Render:(Selection*) refers to a selected area
Render / Clouds / Difference Clouds
Solid Noise applied with difference mode
Render / Clouds / Fog
Add a layer of fog
Render / Clouds / Plasma (Selection*)
Create a random plasma texture
Render / Clouds / Solid Noise (Selection*)
Create a random cloud-like texture
Render / Nature / Flame
Create cosmic recursive fractal flames
Render / Nature / IFS Fractal
Create an iterated function system fractal
Render / Pattern / Checkerboard (Selection / Psychobilly*)
Create a checkerboard pattern
Render / Pattern / CML Explorer (Selection*)
Create coupled map lattice pattern
Render / Pattern / Defraction (Selection*)
Create defraction patterns
Render / Pattern / Grid
Create a grid on the image
Render / Pattern / Jigsaw
Add a jigsaw puzzle pattern to the image
Render / Pattern / Maze (Selection*)
Draw a labyrinth
Render / Pattern / Qbist (Selection*)
Generate a huge variety of abstract patterns
Render / Pattern / Sinus (Selection*)
Create complex sinusoidal patterns
Render / Circuit (Selection*)
Fill a region with traces as on a circuit board
Render / Fractal Explorer (Selection*)
Render fractal art
Render / Gfig
Create geometric shapes
Render / Lava (Selection*)
Fill the selection with lava
Render / Line Nova
Create rays eminating outward from center
Render / Sphere Designer
Create image of a textured sphere
Render / Spyrogimp
Add a spyrograph or more to image
Alpha to Logo:
Base Image
Transparent Background
Alpha to Logo / 3D Outline
Outline with a pattern and drop shadow
Alpha to Logo / Alien Glow
Create an eerie alien glow
Alpha to Logo / Alien Neon
Add psychodelic outlines
Alpha to Logo / Basic II
Add a shadow and highlight
Alpha to Logo / Basic I
Add a gradient and a drop shadow
Alpha to Logo / Blended
Add blended highlights, backgrouds, shadows
Alpha to Logo / Bovination
Add 'Cow Spots'
Alpha to Logo / Chalk
Add a chalk drawing
Alpha to Logo / Chip Away
Add a woodcarving effect
Alpha to Logo / Chrome
Add a simple chrome effect
Alpha to Logo / Comic Book
Add a comic book effect
Alpha to Logo / Cool Metal
Add a metalic effect
Alpha to Logo / Frosty
Add a frost effect
Alpha to Logo / Glossy
Add gradients, shadows, patterns, bumpmaps
Alpha to Logo / Glowing Hot
Add a glowing metal effect
Alpha to Logo / Gradient Bevel
Add a shiny, beveled look
Alpha to Logo / Neon
Add a neon sign effect
Alpha to Logo / Particle Trace
Add a particle trace effect
Alpha to Logo / Textured
Add textures, highlights and mosiacs

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